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The first jumpscare was killing me. not joking.

Very intense atmosphere

Neat stuff, good concept and pretty fun.

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I COULDN'T finish the game because i nearly had a heart attack from one of the jumpscares!THANK YOU!!
These are my reactions.. ( 5:00 ) 


What's up everyone? my name is Slester, so i played the game and i think it is decent. after a while "scary moments" doesn't really scare you but in general it is a solid game. Here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it!

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loved it this is the scariest ive tried so far on my channel

Trapped between two realities, the POTION SELLER exists undisturbed, waiting patiently to break free of ITS' digital prison. The goal is to navigate the environment while piecing together bits of the over-arching narrative: IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY TRAVELER

Mono.exe is an experimental Horror Game, developed by JeliLiam, and published on both and Steam Greenlight. Mono is compilation of 3 short horror stories that form an underlying narrative.

I love the new Update! Really looking forward to the full version. Please keep it up, I am very interested into the story.

"IT" WANTS TO GET OUT... | Mono Extended Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Pretty fun game! Didn't realize you could progress further until after I made this video and was informed, but nonetheless the atmosphere of this game messed me up. Also gave me one huge jump! Defintely enjoyed, and hope you give my lets play of it a shot! I left a download link for my viewers in the description.

I'm a sissy

Holy shit, this game was great! It's been a while since I was exhausted after playing a horror game. Loved the ramp up and the psychadelic stuff after the first half of the demo. Really good stuff!

Great job at the extended demo! I loved all the new things added, and I can't wait for the full game!

Pretty cool game, Creepy, Fun, and definitely GreenLight worthy.

Creepy and amazing!

That was a pretty scary game, reminded me of a few horrors I had to deal with in the past.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Nice Job with the extended demo !

Mono is a really clever concept for a horror game that constantly subverts player expectations, it includes a few well placed scares and has some pretty neat gameplay mechanics. We had a really fun time playing this indie horror game and look forward to the full release on Steam if it gets greenlit.

I fairly enjoyed this game. As far as fourth wall breaking goes, I prefer this instead of games like ImScared.exe or ISeeYou.exe. A false desktop is fine by me!

This game really got me! Maybe it was because i recorded early in the morning but goddamn! IT GOT ME SCARED! Nice game you got here! I HOPE IT GETS ITS APPROVAL ON STEAM GREENLIGHT!



This game was FANTASTIC. The scares and atmosphere are so real, and the mechanics of moving from one segment to the next keep the heart pumping vigorously!

Can't wait to see this Greenlit!

Hey Liam, When do you think we get more gameplay or new build of the game ?

I'm aiming to release a new trailer sometime soon, along with new screenshots.

As for the game's release, I'm not sure. Currently the game is about 35-40 min long which I wouldn't consider long enough for a paid game. It would have to be an hour and a half at least.

*Rurr* Hello everyone, I mad a 2-part series on the demo (I know right, more than 1 video for a demo? What?!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it - feedback and review included with my commentary while I mildly-calmly go through the unknowns of the game - Part 2 will come later today and include my final thoughts, hope people enjoy!

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AWESOME GAME ;) Very cool demo-- Can't wait for the full game! (click on the text if u want to see my playthrough!)

Very cool demo I really liked the different elements of the game that you had to use to get to the next part of the game

Wow, so many different gameplay aspects in one game, and they came together pretty well! Love the demo, can't wait for anything else from it!

It was okay. Reminded me a lot of Imscared in many ways. Needs a little something more for the full version though I think.

I really like the idea, but unfortunately I didn't find the game that scary. The dancing monster in the find section just made me laugh. Obviously I know it's a demo, but hopefully with some user feedback you can make the full game much better! I wish you luck with the game!

Gotta share the love of a good indie horror when they pop up! I would play more its a cool concept! too short :(

This was super interesting and scary! Would've been nice with maybe a little bit of a tutorial? Cause I was walking around forever until something finally happened, but when it happened, IT FUCKING HAPPENED!! :O :O :O

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Hey love the game so far great job cant wait for the full game to be released!

This game is really fantastic! At first I thought that Mono was just gonna be a simple "Point-and-Click" horror game but NOOO, it turned out to be a really good free-roaming horror game! I really can't wait for the finishing outcome of the final version! Here's my playthrough:

This is a really cool game. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Keep up the good work.

I played through the demo and made a video. I'd like to see how things progress and what 'it' is.

I don't know why, but i can't download the game. half way through, it says theres a network error. when i try to get it downloading again, it says it's forbidden. any help?

and in the app version, the download isn't there.

Because it's 2GB so he put it on MEGA.

Warning Slight Spoiler.

10/10 Review:

So i started the game. It gave off a very creepy atmosphere. (i swear every jump scare got me) There was lots of stuff that made me want to close the game (that's good). The scariest part was in the ending in the bathroom. So i exit out of full screen and try to close off the game. but my mouse wouldn't go to the right side of the screen. So i started freaking out, also because of what it said on the little bar "every death leads to my escape" and what was said on the walls "Close Out". This is a wonderfully scary game. I'm looking forward to the full release of this game and future games. Keep up the great work!

Man do I have a kicker for you.

That's not the ending, the game tell you to "close out" and "escape".

Maaaaybe hit the esc key once he comes for you ;)?


I covered this on twitter, It's pay what you want, you can skip the payment and download it for free.

The game isnt downloading through the itch desktop app only allows for downloads up to 500mb, I've sent an email to get this expanded to 2GB. In the meantime use the external MEGA download.

Yeah I know.

this is awesome

this looks great!

Yes it does!

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