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I played through the demo and made a video. I'd like to see how things progress and what 'it' is.

I don't know why, but i can't download the game. half way through, it says theres a network error. when i try to get it downloading again, it says it's forbidden. any help?

and in the app version, the download isn't there.

Because it's 2GB so he put it on MEGA.

Warning Slight Spoiler.

10/10 Review:

So i started the game. It gave off a very creepy atmosphere. (i swear every jump scare got me) There was lots of stuff that made me want to close the game (that's good). The scariest part was in the ending in the bathroom. So i exit out of full screen and try to close off the game. but my mouse wouldn't go to the right side of the screen. So i started freaking out, also because of what it said on the little bar "every death leads to my escape" and what was said on the walls "Close Out". This is a wonderfully scary game. I'm looking forward to the full release of this game and future games. Keep up the great work!

Man do I have a kicker for you.

That's not the ending, the game tell you to "close out" and "escape".

Maaaaybe hit the esc key once he comes for you ;)?


I covered this on twitter, It's pay what you want, you can skip the payment and download it for free.

The game isnt downloading through the itch desktop app only allows for downloads up to 500mb, I've sent an email to get this expanded to 2GB. In the meantime use the external MEGA download.

Yeah I know.

this is awesome

this looks great!

Yes it does!

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